Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

County Agenda

Wow, I just read the latest county agenda, I can’t believe some of the things that are going on here.  This is a link to the October 22, 2007 minutes.  I won’t repost it here because I am not sure of the legality, but it’s easy to bring up if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The really good stuff is near the bottom.  Also, all the ‘see attached pages’ are not attached to the on-line document.  We ought to fix that.  A few items of interest:

  1. There is a budget line item for ‘Extra Help’
  2. Bullet Proof vests are listed under ‘Capital – Power Tools and Appliances ‘
  3. A Budget transfer for or to “County Judge – mental master”
  4. Approval for travel for a judge to attend the “Medicoleagal Investigation of Death Conference”… in Las Vegas

I’ll admit to not knowing the ins-and-outs of government budgets (that’s a mark in my favor if you ask me), but I’m sure that I could come up with a better place to put bullet proof vests that Power Tools.  And just who is the ‘mental master’?

And this is only one agenda… sigh.

One thing I will do if elected is to create a blog, like this one, and write up each days events so that the people can understand what is going on in our government.

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