Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Democrats Divided?

When I heard that Sinegal was going independent, I was both elated and ticked off.

I guess it was a slow news day at KFDM where they gave a full 2 minutes to Sinegal’s announcement and the reasons why.  I pleased to have gotten a few column inches from the Beaumont Enterprise.  I guess the media doesn’t think much of Libertarian candidates… which brings me to the elation.

After thinking about it for 20 seconds or so, I realized that Sinegal going independent was probably the best thing that could have happened for my campaign.  Now there will be (effectively) two democrats running in November.  Can anyone say split the votes?  [Kind of like what our governor candidates did to us last November.]

All I need is the Republican vote and I can really make this a horse race.  I have contacted the Republican Party regarding an endorsement from them.  I haven’t heard back yet.  I know they have jobs and there’s no real hurry at this point.  But if anyone knows anyone, would you mention it to them?  Thanks

If anyone would like to contact me regarding my position, thoughts on Jefferson County’s future, etc., please let me know.

And if you know any other Republicans in Port Arthur, tell them there is an alternative to the Democrats in November.

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sigh… we aren’t even finished with January yet and we have our first homicide.  I haven’t watched the news regularly, but we also have no less than three major assaults (i.e. aggravated… i.e. someone got hurt pretty bad) in Beaumont and Port Arthur.

I guess our local criminal element isn’t satisfied with number 4 and wants the top spot.

I went to Austin for New Years and a family member said, “Oh yeah, congrats on being a crime ridden pest hole.”  Yeah, thanks.

You know it’s bad when people in major cities are commenting on how bad things are around here.

OK, government types, fix it or get out of the way so someone else can fix it.  This crap has gone on long enough.  It’s become embarrassing… not to mention dangerous.

Tell you what.  I’ll take my economic stimulus package in the formof a concealed handgun license, a CZ P-01, and 4 boxes of 9mm hollow points.

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Time Warner Cable

This isn’t a campaign thing, but something that I think all of the Golden Triangle needs to take a look at.  Our fantastic (heh) local cable provider, Time Warner Cable, has decided that a monopoly on local cable service is not enough and that it is time to fleece us even more.  I guess they took a look at our local government and decided, “hey, these people don’t care about their money, let’s see if we can get some more”.

So, their plan is to charge High Speed Internet Customers based on usage.  However, we are already paying varying rates for bandwidth.  There’s the “I just check my e-mail” speed, and the “I need to copy my research paper from Wikipedia” speed, and the “I must download the entire contents of YouTube” speed.  So, basically, we’ll be paying for speed AND volume.

That’s kind of like the price of gasoline going up… oh wait, we’ve accepted that too… nevermind.

Amazingly enough, our local Time Warner website does NOT have a contact page, where we can e-mail our comments in.  They have the contact information for sales and payments all right, but no way to contact them about their new rate plan.  I wonder why.

I would suggest that anyone using Time Warner cable contact them and tell them that their plan is a terrible idea and we feel totally crapped on as customers.  I would also suggest that we as a unit of Time Warner Cable (the Golden Triangle Unit) organize a boycott of Time Warner.  No picket lines, no nothing, just tell them we’re leaving and ‘goodbye’.

I have a few ideas and will see what options I can come up with for Time Warner and Roadrunner customers.

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Libertarian and Drugs plus Probation Doesn’t Work

Today, you get two posts in one… In reverse order.

 Probation Doesn’t Work

Link to KFDM article. To all the judges out there.  Quit dorking around with these people.  Put them in jail or get them in rehab or something.  Probation doesn’t work.  If Hardwick had been sent to jail, then Zachary Spears would still be alive.

Libertarian Views on Drugs

This area is my biggest bone of contention with the Libertarian Party.  I’m all for personal freedom, however, the use of drugs does not jsut affect the person using.  It is a huge social issue.  The drug user may drive a vehicle, have to get more money for drugs, etc…

The US Government has to quit the half-hearted measures they currently adopt for a drug policy.  There are two real choices… shut it down or control it.  Either is acceptable to me.

Shut it Down – the government needs to simply use all the power that was used in Iraq and apply it to drugs.  If they find a drug user, he goes to jail.  If they find a dealer, he goes to jail for longer.  If they find a distributer, he goes to jail forever.  Simple enough.  None of this “oh we keep the dealers out so we can track the drugs bull”.  Shut them down… hard.  If there’s no dealers, then there’s no problem.

Control It – the government can simply use it’s massive stockpile of seized drugs and undercut the competition.  Use the income to refurbish old hotels.  Have persons checked at the door for weapons.  They rent a room for a minimum of two days, then buy their poison of choice.  Drug use or sales outside of the controlled environment is forbidden.  The person must be declared sober by a policeman to leave the building.  Use the income to pay for that too.

One way or another, but quit dorking around with it.

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Campaign Finance in SE Texas

Author’s note: Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve had my quarterly battle to log in to my blogs. Between that and Christmas… well I have a life.

While driving home from work today I noticed something. I think it was there before Christmas, but I didn’t pay any attention to it then. Mainly because I only see it on the way home from work and I’m usually pretty beat and just making it home is a small miracle. However, it caught my eye today. It’s a billboard. A big one and in a pretty good spot on hwy 73 westbound. It’s an ad for one my potential opponents (I say potential because the primaries haven’t happened yet). I think his name was Johnson (forgive me if I’m wrong, it’s a Friday).

Anyway, out of curiosity, I did a few seconds of research no billboard advertising and found that it can run from $700to $2500 a month for a billboard. Holy crap, I thought, that’s a lot of money. Assuming it runs until November, say 10 months (for the ease of math) that’s $7000 to $25,000 for that single advertisement.

Now, I have to ask myself (I’ve taken Economics), Why would someone pay that kind of money for one billboard? The reason is simple, they are expecting a return on that investment. After all Jeffco Commissioners make upwards of $85,000 a year, plus a car and, I believe, a phone allowance. That’s not a bad investment. But he is expecting a return on that money, not in votes, but in monetary terms (or power which some believe to be a higher currency than money).

I’m the breadwinner in a single income family (my wife is in graduate school) with a 12 month old son. I’m running my campaign… well… for nothing. If I had a spare dime, then my net worth would be about $0.10.  That single ad would be about 25% of my yearly income.

But you say, what about campaign contributions? Well, let’s apply that Economics again. Say for example that someone gives a political candidate $10,000 for his campaign. Guess what, that contributer is expecting a return on his investment too. It might be just ideological beliefs in common, or it could be “Hey, remember when I gave you $10,000? Well, I need a favor…”

In my opinion, a politician with contributers is bought, at best rented for one important issue. Personally, I refuse to exchange my principles for a batch of signs planted in people’s yards. I may not win, but I can say that I tried on my own merit and not have something bought for me. I can also look at any topic that comes up and say “What is best for the county?” instead of “Would that help me fulfill an obligations that I might have to others?”

Some people (probably most) will call my position on this naive. Fine, I’m naive, I’m an idealist. I’m crazy too. I’m me and I can live with that. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew that I had been bought.

P.S. I’ve gotten a few comments. Thank you everyone. I hope you keep reading. If you like what you hear, please tell someone else who lives in Precinct 3 about me.

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