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Libertarian and Drugs plus Probation Doesn’t Work

Today, you get two posts in one… In reverse order.

 Probation Doesn’t Work

Link to KFDM article. To all the judges out there.  Quit dorking around with these people.  Put them in jail or get them in rehab or something.  Probation doesn’t work.  If Hardwick had been sent to jail, then Zachary Spears would still be alive.

Libertarian Views on Drugs

This area is my biggest bone of contention with the Libertarian Party.  I’m all for personal freedom, however, the use of drugs does not jsut affect the person using.  It is a huge social issue.  The drug user may drive a vehicle, have to get more money for drugs, etc…

The US Government has to quit the half-hearted measures they currently adopt for a drug policy.  There are two real choices… shut it down or control it.  Either is acceptable to me.

Shut it Down – the government needs to simply use all the power that was used in Iraq and apply it to drugs.  If they find a drug user, he goes to jail.  If they find a dealer, he goes to jail for longer.  If they find a distributer, he goes to jail forever.  Simple enough.  None of this “oh we keep the dealers out so we can track the drugs bull”.  Shut them down… hard.  If there’s no dealers, then there’s no problem.

Control It – the government can simply use it’s massive stockpile of seized drugs and undercut the competition.  Use the income to refurbish old hotels.  Have persons checked at the door for weapons.  They rent a room for a minimum of two days, then buy their poison of choice.  Drug use or sales outside of the controlled environment is forbidden.  The person must be declared sober by a policeman to leave the building.  Use the income to pay for that too.

One way or another, but quit dorking around with it.

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