Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Time Warner Cable

This isn’t a campaign thing, but something that I think all of the Golden Triangle needs to take a look at.  Our fantastic (heh) local cable provider, Time Warner Cable, has decided that a monopoly on local cable service is not enough and that it is time to fleece us even more.  I guess they took a look at our local government and decided, “hey, these people don’t care about their money, let’s see if we can get some more”.

So, their plan is to charge High Speed Internet Customers based on usage.  However, we are already paying varying rates for bandwidth.  There’s the “I just check my e-mail” speed, and the “I need to copy my research paper from Wikipedia” speed, and the “I must download the entire contents of YouTube” speed.  So, basically, we’ll be paying for speed AND volume.

That’s kind of like the price of gasoline going up… oh wait, we’ve accepted that too… nevermind.

Amazingly enough, our local Time Warner website does NOT have a contact page, where we can e-mail our comments in.  They have the contact information for sales and payments all right, but no way to contact them about their new rate plan.  I wonder why.

I would suggest that anyone using Time Warner cable contact them and tell them that their plan is a terrible idea and we feel totally crapped on as customers.  I would also suggest that we as a unit of Time Warner Cable (the Golden Triangle Unit) organize a boycott of Time Warner.  No picket lines, no nothing, just tell them we’re leaving and ‘goodbye’.

I have a few ideas and will see what options I can come up with for Time Warner and Roadrunner customers.

January 20, 2008 - Posted by | Jefferson County

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