Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner


sigh… we aren’t even finished with January yet and we have our first homicide.  I haven’t watched the news regularly, but we also have no less than three major assaults (i.e. aggravated… i.e. someone got hurt pretty bad) in Beaumont and Port Arthur.

I guess our local criminal element isn’t satisfied with number 4 and wants the top spot.

I went to Austin for New Years and a family member said, “Oh yeah, congrats on being a crime ridden pest hole.”  Yeah, thanks.

You know it’s bad when people in major cities are commenting on how bad things are around here.

OK, government types, fix it or get out of the way so someone else can fix it.  This crap has gone on long enough.  It’s become embarrassing… not to mention dangerous.

Tell you what.  I’ll take my economic stimulus package in the formof a concealed handgun license, a CZ P-01, and 4 boxes of 9mm hollow points.

January 23, 2008 - Posted by | Jefferson County, Texas

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