Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Democrats Divided?

When I heard that Sinegal was going independent, I was both elated and ticked off.

I guess it was a slow news day at KFDM where they gave a full 2 minutes to Sinegal’s announcement and the reasons why.  I pleased to have gotten a few column inches from the Beaumont Enterprise.  I guess the media doesn’t think much of Libertarian candidates… which brings me to the elation.

After thinking about it for 20 seconds or so, I realized that Sinegal going independent was probably the best thing that could have happened for my campaign.  Now there will be (effectively) two democrats running in November.  Can anyone say split the votes?  [Kind of like what our governor candidates did to us last November.]

All I need is the Republican vote and I can really make this a horse race.  I have contacted the Republican Party regarding an endorsement from them.  I haven’t heard back yet.  I know they have jobs and there’s no real hurry at this point.  But if anyone knows anyone, would you mention it to them?  Thanks

If anyone would like to contact me regarding my position, thoughts on Jefferson County’s future, etc., please let me know.

And if you know any other Republicans in Port Arthur, tell them there is an alternative to the Democrats in November.

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