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China and the US Senate vs. the NFL (another 2-fer post)

I was driving to eat tonight (Friday, Feb 1) . I turned on the CBS news, since it’s the only thing worth listening to on local radio these days. I heard two disturbing, but unrelated reports and thought I’d throw my 2 cents in as well.

China Hacks US Networks (link to CBS news article)

First, fact of life, networks are going to be hacked. Especially with Microsoft products being predominant. Get used to it.

Second, China is attacking the US with these attacks. I’d want to see the proof of this. I’m not doubting that China would do this, but to make a claim like this, you should have some serious evidence to support it. There is such a thing as IP spoofing and other highly technical security and counter security programs out there.

Third, as I understand it, during the cold war, we (the US) decided to treat all weapons of mass destruction as equivalent. Mainly because we didn’t use biological or chemical agents. So, in the event of a BC attack, the US was to respond with the N part of NBC… that is nukes.

Fourth, we’re being attacked. These attacks aren’t some little thing like Pearl Harbor*, these are bloody serious and (according to CBS News) with the purpose of damaging the US economy, preventing effective response to attacks, etc.

Using number 2 as evidence and number 4 as the reason, we can respond with number 3. Not with nukes. But we are being attacked, not our troops, but the heart of the US. We should respond in a very no nonsense manner. Does China still have favored nation status? Then revoke it. Attack their currency. Emplace tariffs on Chinese products. Heck, with a little creative thinking, you could almost assume that recent commercial events were orchestrated by a nearly all-powerful Chinese government. Want to hurt the US? Put 1% of the workforce in the hospital with botulism. What to hurt the US? Give 10% of all children in the US lead poisoning.

Bottom line, I’m not much a ‘turn the other cheek’ kind of guy. An accident, sure I can accept that. One mistake by one company, OK everyone makes mistakes. But several accounts of issues with food imports, multiple accounts of toxic toys, thousands of computer attacks daily. Is it just me or is anyone seeing a pattern here?

IMHO, if something isn’t done soon about this, then something will have to be done later. The longer this goes, the more likely it will involve troops. Our military is good, but can they beat a million men, nuclear weapons, and the political will to use them? I hope so…

The US Senate May Investigate an NFL Scandal (CBS News Report)

Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa) is asking about the ‘scandal’ (for lack of a better word) with the Patriots taping coaching signals of the Giants (almost as if they knew who they would be playing in the Superbowl… spooky). So, Specter thinks that because the NFL has a monopoly and is exempt from anti-trust laws, the US senate should (maybe) get involved in this case.

What the hell? Are you so lacking useful things to investigate (like Chinese attacks on US government networks maybe?) that the US Senate needs to get involved in a commercial enterprise?

Look, the NFL isn’t the power company or the local cable company, it’s an entertainment organization. They have many rules, regulations, investigations, fines, penalties, etc. I’m sure the NFL has done their job. If the fans aren’t satisfied, if the teams aren’t satisfied, then they can turn off the games, drop out of the league or sue.

What would the legislative branch of the government do in something like this? You guys are in place to make laws and oversee the executive branch of government not stick your nose in wherever you feel like it.

Instead of the NFL, we have a cable company about to raise rates, how about investigating that? Or maybe get involved in the three murders so far this year here in Port Arthur. But no, the US Senate (or at least Arlen Specter) wants to investigate the NFL. Geez…

Final Notes

Libertarianism is mainly about less government.  Not about the abolition of government, but just less of the stick-your-nose-where-it-doesn’t-belong crap that we all have to put with.  However, if something happens that the government needs to be involved in, then we need a government that can react quickly, with firm action.  We don’t need ‘special investigative committees’ and 90 days of negotiations to determine the shape of the negotiating table.  When we need action, we need to stand up, say ‘Stop doing this or there will be consequences’, then invoke those consequences if necessary.

BTW: Some parts of these articles may seem silly, it’s the way I write. Using humor to make an article entertaining does not invalidate the contents of the article.

* Yes, I know Pearl Harbor was a major battle.  I submit however that the attack did absolutely nothing to the US as a functioning country.  Unlike the continual bombing of industrial targets in Germany by the Eighth Air Force which disrupted the country as a functioning organization.  Pearl Harbor hurt the military, but did nothing to the infrastructure.

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