Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

On Ford Park and Potential Football Stadium

I finally saw something about this on KFDM, but there is no article on their website about it… hmmm…. I was waiting to see something other than unsubstantiated rumor about this proposal. I do remember that no one in the Beaumont ISD has said anything about this being even a possibility though. Here’s an article on KBTV.

My thoughts are that this might not be a terrible thing. Ford Park exists. It’s failing miserably. Let’s be honest, who would willingly go to an outdoor show in SE Texas? Between sudden storms, mosquitoes (thank the county for cutting the mosquito control budget), and blinding heat, why would anyone go to an outdoor show? HS football at least has the advantage of being played at night. And let’s face it, football is waaaaaay more popular in SE Texas than any bands who would willingly play in an outdoor amphitheaters in SE Texas.

With the popularity of soccer and American football, perhaps, this isn’t such a terrible plan. Build a stadium large enough for both soccer and football. Anyone wanting to play can have the field for free, but charge all attendees a $2 fee (free parking) and the concessions going to the county. If it’s a nice enough stadium, many local playoff games might be played there. Surely the Beaumont schools would play there as a ‘neutral ground’. Some of the smaller schools might use it in emergencies (Sabine Pass had to postpone the High Island game after Hurricane Humberto trashed the High Island stadium).

Soccer is huge in SE Texas now. A stadium that includes the ability to play soccer would probably draw quite a crowd.

This is all my thinking on the subject for the last few minutes, but I think that this is the first good idea I’ve heard about what to do with Ford Park. Certainly, few, if any of the people complaining about it have had any useful ideas (yes, that includes me).

BTW: I’m saying that perhaps this project should go forward, even if BISD isn’t involved.  Perhaps the county leadership should meet with all local schools and soccer clubs to see if there is enough interest in this project.  It could really be a top pf the line stadium and yes, it would cost, but if it could make money, then maybe it should be done.

February 9, 2008 - Posted by | Jefferson County, Libertarian, Politics

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