Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

More on the Proposed Football Stadium

A busy day for me. I was planning on reading a new book or playing with my boy, but he crashed about 7:00 after his bath, so I’m catching up.

KFDM has this article about the meeting.

I still don’t see this as a terrible plan. Here’s the deal… we are stuck with Ford Park. We didn’t ask for it, we weren’t asked anything about it, but it was built. Right now, it’s a huge anchor dragging SE Texas down. Name the last show that you heard about at Ford Park… go ahead, think about it, I’ll wait.

Any entertainment facility must make money by being BUSY! That place should have something going on at least every other weekend, preferably every weekend. People in SE Texas who are bored should be able to say, “let’s go see what’s happening at Ford Park, there’s always something going on there.” That’s how these things make money. Ford Park should be a revenue source for the county, not a liability.

Wildcatters – Beaumont Enterprise Article. I’m not a huge hockey fan, but once my son is a little older, we might go to some games. Personally, I’d rather ice skate. Why is the facility not open to the general public for ice skating, I can live with weekends only.

The ‘proposed’ stadium – soccer, football and concerts. Yeah, many major concerts place in football stadiums, why not here? I’d rather sit in bleachers than on the SE Texas mud.

Other Ideas – Let’s go all out and make it an “Entertainment Complex”. Anyone interested in opening a huge miniature golf course? How about a go-kart track? These wouldn’t be county owned and run, but a little rent could go a long way to helping out. Why not put in a GIANT jungle gym (like at Pleasure Island) for the little ones?

SMG – they have to go. No advertising, no events, why are we paying them again? Let’s get someone who will keep FP busy. Why hasn’t a circus come to Ford Park? Other than the YMBL, why hasn’t another carnival come in? Can anyone say ‘renaissance fair’?

If there’s enough going on out there, then some businesses might see a move out there. A McDonalds, a Taco Bell, Jason’s Deli (please), etc.

Before you go poo-pooing my ideas, let me hear all of yours. These are all things, I’m willing to push for if elected.

February 15, 2008 - Posted by | Campaign, Jefferson County, Libertarian, Politics, Texas

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