Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

SE Texas Ports Under Attack

Someone, please explain the politics behind this one. One of the largest port complexes in the Southern US has been reduced from a tier 1 port to a tier 2 port** So we’re losing a big chunk of the grants from Homeland Security. SE Texas ports were supposed to have received upwards of $40 million for being a ‘Major Strategic Port’ (i.e. a target). I do not know the status of those funds.

So, now that we will have the largest oil refinery in the US (Motiva) and a major LNG terminal (Golden Pass) and one of the single largest military ports in the world, we get downgraded to Tier 2 status.

I guess with no terrorist threat, we have to get attacked by our own government.

** BTW: according to KFDM, that means that the port authority CANNOT pay for the Jefferson county Navy… which I have christened SONAR (Sheriff’s Office Naval Auxiliary and Reserve)

February 15, 2008 - Posted by | Jefferson County, Politics, Texas

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