Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Newspapers Against Libertarians and Comments on Hallmark’s Goals

I guess no one expects me to even be in the race in November.  An article by the Beaumont Enterprise mentions the races and even who the winners will likely face in November, except for Jefferson County Commissioner Precinct 3… where no mention is made of the lone Libertarian running.

And people wonder about a biased media…

BTW: I’d like to comment on this quote:

“I was really surprised that this many people would be interested (in running),” said Hallmark, 73, who has been commissioner for 16 years.

Hallmark said he hopes the new commissioner will continue several of the projects he has worked on, including the Keith Lake park, beach maintenance and the rebuilding of Texas 87 along the beach.”

Why would you be surprised that so many self serving people want a piece of your action?

Keith Lake Park

I drive by Keith Lake every day on the way to work.  If there is a park there, then it’s basically a wide spot in the road.  Why isn’t there a sign?  Why isn’t there anything to indicate what is available (besides a locked up boat launch that is)?  What exactly is the purpose of the park?

I think it’s an OK idea, but tell me why.

Beach Maintenance

This one, I agree with.  Beach maintenance is a huge deal along the North Texas Coast, not because the people here are dirty, but because we get all the crap from the Mississippi dumped along our beaches.  They need to be clean.

While we’re talking about the beach, who from the local government is going to Austin and trying to get Sea Rim reopened?  That was one of the nice things about our beaches.  Covered picnic area, concessions, a quaint little museum.  I liked the place.  Why hasn’t it been fixed.

That’s one thing I’m willing to fight for.  I want Sea Rim back.

Highway 87 along the beach…

is as dead as yesterdays catfish lunch.  Any extension of Highway 87 isn’t going to happen.  It’s too much money for minimal result.  Let it go.

February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Campaign, Jefferson County, Libertarian, Politics

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  1. Very interesting and helpful post.
    I add your blog in my Google Reader! 😉

    Comment by Chezet | February 28, 2008 | Reply

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