Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Democratic Primaries

I just read the Democratic National Platform for 2004.  They are due to produce a new one every four years, so a new one will come (I’m assuming) after the national convention.

 This document is the biggest reason that I can think of to NOT vote Democrat.  Basically, what they say in the document hasn’t been done by Democrats (especially at the local level) and, in my opinion, they have really done more things that are directly opposite their party platform.

 When I saw that Jack Brooks supported Hillary Clinton, I knew that I had to do everything I could to keep her out of the White House.  Again, in my opinion (due to some family history many years ago), Jack Brooks is as crooked a man as has ever come down the Neches.

 Let’s face reality.  The president (or candidate) can say whatever they want about change, real change, or pseudo change.  The president, however, cannot change US policy without the backing of congress.  

 It’s just like the local candidates will be saying.  Please listen very carefully to their articles in the Port Arthur News.  Any of them that say that they will change Jefferson County policy is lying to you.  If they really believe that they can change Jefferson County policy, it’s even worse, they are lying to themselves.

 Remember ladies and gentlemen, whoever is elected to the Precinct 3 slot will be just one new face against four old hands.  Either they follow their party and vote lock step with the current commissioners court (much more likely, remember, it is their party) or they vote against their party and get exactly zero done.

 So ask yourselves a simple question: “What is more likely?”  

A)    The democratic nominee votes against 3 other party members (and one who might as well be) thereby alienating himself (or herself)

B)    He votes with his party members and they continue with their current plan of ignoring the people of Jefferson County.


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