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Arts in Southeast Texas

Once again an organization ignores locals to bring in outsiders for business.  KFDM reports a woman called in from out of the area to paint murals from a children’s book on the walls of a church.

The one thing that really struck me was her blatant use of the word ‘copy’ when describing her work.  It makes me wonder if she (or the church) has permission to use the images and copy them onto the walls.

Once again though, local groups are going outside the area to have work done that could be done be local people.  ( see this blog entry for a list).

It has also come to my attention that local artists and organizations could get grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts, SETAC, and the Stark Foundation.  So it wouldn’t cost the City of PA or the church anything to have the work done.

Please note, I would be mad about anything that could be done locally that wasn’t.  It’s just that I know about the arts because of my wife (who happens to be a professional artist and have work in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, but no one does a news show on her!).

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Kicking out the Wildcatters

Jefferson County has kicked out the Wildcatters (link to story by KFDM)

OK ‘leaders’, now what?  Tell us just what you are going to do with a hockey rink in SE Texas.  I’m sure the citizens that skate will cover the costs of the entire thing… oh wait, you don’t have skate days.

I’m hoping that you have some grand plan to put something else in place.  If so, you really need to let someone know because right now you look pretty stupid.

Is the goal of the Jefferson County Commissioners Court the complete destruction of SE Texas?  Heaven forbid that something good stays here.  I may not be a hockey fan, but these things take time.  It’s not like the Wildcatters suck or anything, they lead their division in wins by a significant margin.  They’re still in the playoffs…

Check out this letter to the county…

It’s a real shame that our ‘leaders’ (through malicious intent or complete inattention) are losing (losing? driving away with a truck and pushing out onto the highway) something that has real potential in SE Texas.

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