Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Libertarian Reality Series – “Who Wants to be the Next President?”

Here’s a thought… one of the problems with the Libertarian Party is getting our name out there to the general public and getting them to understand our positions and how we are more about the people than anyone else.

I propose that the Libertarians start a major three season reality series (probably on TLC, but maybe CNN would pick it up).  The series, “Who Wants to be the Next President”, basically lets the people of the US decide who the next Libertarian candidate will be (both Pres and VP).

The first two seasons of the show (2009-2010 and 2010-2011) will pick 4 finalists each from a field of 16 or so, with one ‘player’ being eliminated per episode.  These final eight will compete again in the 2011-2012 season with the winner being the presidential nominee and second place being the VP nominee.

Some ideas for the competitions:

  1. Diplomacy in action – the contestants are all put into a room and represent major countries.  Each is given a card with their information and their diplomatic goals.  They talk, trade resources, etc.  The winner is the one that most accomplishes his or her diplomatic goal.
  2. Educate the Country – the contestants are assigned a group of five kids from all over the country.  They must teach them a trade or skill.  The winner has the most success in teaching the kids and the best review from the kids.
  3. Foreign Policy – we get diplomats from 5 foreign countries as guest judges.  Each candidate will have 5 minutes with the judge and then must develop a complete foreign policy statement.  It will be delivered to the diplomats and the press with after speech questions by the press.  The winner is the one that the press and the diplomats think gave the most complete and functional foreign policy.
  4. Budget – The contestants are given 10 billion dollars and must spend 5 minutes with visitors from all the government departments and 20 lobbiest groups.  The winner is the one that best creates a comprehensive policy that match Libertarian goals and the needs of the current government.
  5. Defend the Platform – the candidates must defend the Libertarian Platform statements from people who are vehemently against each of the statements.  The winner is anyone who convinces someone to change their mind.

Reality shows like this are all the rage, with large profit margins for the studios and channels (no cast or writers to hire, etc).  This will put the Libertarian platform and the winner’s name in the ear of 30-45% of the population of the US.  The ‘Survivor’ series gets huge press every morning on the Today Show (or whichever one it is), why not us?

I just have one request.  Can I be a contestant… or the host?

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Obama and Liden

Am I wrong or was Liden quoted Monday as telling the press that “you’ve got the wrong man” when asked if he would be Obama’s VP nomination?

If that’s true, he lied to the press.  Why do they accept that and move on?


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Campaign Contributions

First, I don’t like them.  However, everyone advising me is telling me that it will take money to get my name out there to any degree of having a chance of getting elected.

To that end, I have named Alexis McCarthy my campaign treasurer and set up a campaign account at Gulf Employees Credit Union.  Alexis has over 5 years experience in dealing with non-profit finances and accounting.  She’s also had several classes in accounting.

Campaign signs, mailouts, etc cost money.  Just mailing a letter to the registered voters in Port Arthur would cost about $7500.

Understand that I’m not going to being doing ‘favors’ in exchange for money.  If something is good for SE Texas, then I will vote for it regardless of contributions.  Likewise, if something is bad for SE Texas, then I will vote against it, regardless of what contributers may ‘suggest’.

Contributors to my campaign are not buying me.  They are helping to give Port Arthur and all of Southeast Texas a commissioner who will listen, who will stand up and ask hard question, and who will do what he can to help.  If you feel that is a worthwhile goal, then I will gladly accept your contribution.

If you can’t contribute, and I know what finances are for most everyone these days, then tell all your friends about me… even the ones that live in other Precincts.  Tell them to read about me and to tell their friends.

Just in talking, I’ve got hundreds of people willing to vote for me.

All we need is 7,000 people to say, “I’ve had enough of constantly increasing taxes and a lack of representation in our government.”

I think we can pull this off.

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What’s going to happen if I’m elected…

What’s going to happen if I’m elected to the commissioner’s court.  First, and for a while, not a whole lot.  I will be sitting down with my staff and determining who does what and how they do it.  I don’t know anyone in the office and they won’t know me, so we will need some time to get a good working relationship going.  There’s no way I would change anything, at least with out some serious time and discussion.

Then I’ll be travelling around the precinct checking out the roads and other county duties, seeing how the work crews do their jobs.  I’ll also meet with the City Council and the Mayor, including represntatives from Sabine Pass, Hampshire, Port Acres, and whoever else wants to come.  Again, this would be a get aquainted time.

Long about May, I’m going to start taking classes at LIT.  They have a homeland security / emergancy management program there.  I’ll take some of those.  I feel that one area the county government should shine is emergancy mangement.

I’ll start talking to various people about thigns we can do at Ford Park to improve the advertising, sports, and general operations there.

Spring will see me throwing some block parties.  I’ll get out with a bar-B-que pit and set-up in a neighborhood to just meet and greet everyone.  Answer and ask questions.

By June or so, I would like to have met with the Texas Department of Transportation on getting the highway 87 project started.

We’ll also have to start work on Keith Lake Park.  That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now.

During all this, I’m going to have a long sit down with the county budget and see where exactly all this money is going and what we can do to A) improve service for that budget or B) reduce the budget and keep services at the same level.

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