Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Campaign Contributions

First, I don’t like them.  However, everyone advising me is telling me that it will take money to get my name out there to any degree of having a chance of getting elected.

To that end, I have named Alexis McCarthy my campaign treasurer and set up a campaign account at Gulf Employees Credit Union.  Alexis has over 5 years experience in dealing with non-profit finances and accounting.  She’s also had several classes in accounting.

Campaign signs, mailouts, etc cost money.  Just mailing a letter to the registered voters in Port Arthur would cost about $7500.

Understand that I’m not going to being doing ‘favors’ in exchange for money.  If something is good for SE Texas, then I will vote for it regardless of contributions.  Likewise, if something is bad for SE Texas, then I will vote against it, regardless of what contributers may ‘suggest’.

Contributors to my campaign are not buying me.  They are helping to give Port Arthur and all of Southeast Texas a commissioner who will listen, who will stand up and ask hard question, and who will do what he can to help.  If you feel that is a worthwhile goal, then I will gladly accept your contribution.

If you can’t contribute, and I know what finances are for most everyone these days, then tell all your friends about me… even the ones that live in other Precincts.  Tell them to read about me and to tell their friends.

Just in talking, I’ve got hundreds of people willing to vote for me.

All we need is 7,000 people to say, “I’ve had enough of constantly increasing taxes and a lack of representation in our government.”

I think we can pull this off.

August 6, 2008 - Posted by | Campaign, Jefferson County, Politics, Port Arthur

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