Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

My Platform

There are three main goals that I would like to accomplish as the County Commissioner for Precinct 3.

  1. End taxation without representation
  2. Lower Taxes
  3. Assist unincorporated areas.
  4. Ford Park

End Taxation Without Representation

The current Jefferson County Commissioners Court doesn’t care about us. They are elected, then they do whatever they want for four years. Ford Park and the Commissioners’ pay raise are the two that have offended me the most. Did the people of Jefferson County get to decide on whether Ford Park should be built? Did we get a say in whether our elected officials get a raise?

Another point about this is trying to speak to the Court. For any agenda item, a maximum of six citizens may speak for a maximum of three (3) minutes each. If the majority of the court votes, the amount of time may be lengthened or shortened. (Rules) How can the Commissioners even understand what the people want to say in three minutes. Also, a maximum of 30 minutes may be spent on any agenda item.

We just need someone on the court to listen to what the people (throughout the county) want and present that view in the court. I can do that.


Without having the entire county budget in front of me, I can’t say what areas can be trimmed… but there can be areas trimmed. Simple inflation cannot account for a near doubling of the budget in 3 years. This is the major problem with government, it breeds more government. This has to stop. We must bring this under control.

Assist Unincorporated Areas

Most of Jefferson County is filled with cities; Port Arthur, Beaumont, Port Neches, Groves, Nederland. But there are areas that are not incorporated and those people need support in the county government. In fact, they are the main reason for the county government as the cities have their own governments to help them out.

These areas are not “add-ons” to the county, they are a part of Jefferson County and deserve just as much of the county work as any other location.

Also, in my opinion, these areas could benefit from some economic development support. I am willing to support and help out in this area.

Ford Park

If you’ve read my blog entries, Ford Park is one of the main reasons I’m running for county commissioner. It represents the reasoning behind my first two main platform issues. However, we have it. It is time to make Ford Park work.

Ford Park should be busy all the time. We need to encourage small businesses in and around the facility. We need to create an atmosphere there that makes people want to come and partake in the entertainments available.

A Last Note:
If you have lived in SE Texas for as long more than 5 years, you may remember what Lamar University was like before President Simmons took charge. Within a few years, he turned Lamar University, indeed most of that area into something that SE Texas can be proud to show off to visitors and prospective students.

I’m not saying that I can do that for Jefferson County. I will say that I’m going to try. I’ll need lots of help and support from the community. Together we can make Jefferson County a better place.

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