Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner

Libertarian Reality Series – “Who Wants to be the Next President?”

Here’s a thought… one of the problems with the Libertarian Party is getting our name out there to the general public and getting them to understand our positions and how we are more about the people than anyone else.

I propose that the Libertarians start a major three season reality series (probably on TLC, but maybe CNN would pick it up).  The series, “Who Wants to be the Next President”, basically lets the people of the US decide who the next Libertarian candidate will be (both Pres and VP).

The first two seasons of the show (2009-2010 and 2010-2011) will pick 4 finalists each from a field of 16 or so, with one ‘player’ being eliminated per episode.  These final eight will compete again in the 2011-2012 season with the winner being the presidential nominee and second place being the VP nominee.

Some ideas for the competitions:

  1. Diplomacy in action – the contestants are all put into a room and represent major countries.  Each is given a card with their information and their diplomatic goals.  They talk, trade resources, etc.  The winner is the one that most accomplishes his or her diplomatic goal.
  2. Educate the Country – the contestants are assigned a group of five kids from all over the country.  They must teach them a trade or skill.  The winner has the most success in teaching the kids and the best review from the kids.
  3. Foreign Policy – we get diplomats from 5 foreign countries as guest judges.  Each candidate will have 5 minutes with the judge and then must develop a complete foreign policy statement.  It will be delivered to the diplomats and the press with after speech questions by the press.  The winner is the one that the press and the diplomats think gave the most complete and functional foreign policy.
  4. Budget – The contestants are given 10 billion dollars and must spend 5 minutes with visitors from all the government departments and 20 lobbiest groups.  The winner is the one that best creates a comprehensive policy that match Libertarian goals and the needs of the current government.
  5. Defend the Platform – the candidates must defend the Libertarian Platform statements from people who are vehemently against each of the statements.  The winner is anyone who convinces someone to change their mind.

Reality shows like this are all the rage, with large profit margins for the studios and channels (no cast or writers to hire, etc).  This will put the Libertarian platform and the winner’s name in the ear of 30-45% of the population of the US.  The ‘Survivor’ series gets huge press every morning on the Today Show (or whichever one it is), why not us?

I just have one request.  Can I be a contestant… or the host?

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What’s going to happen if I’m elected…

What’s going to happen if I’m elected to the commissioner’s court.  First, and for a while, not a whole lot.  I will be sitting down with my staff and determining who does what and how they do it.  I don’t know anyone in the office and they won’t know me, so we will need some time to get a good working relationship going.  There’s no way I would change anything, at least with out some serious time and discussion.

Then I’ll be travelling around the precinct checking out the roads and other county duties, seeing how the work crews do their jobs.  I’ll also meet with the City Council and the Mayor, including represntatives from Sabine Pass, Hampshire, Port Acres, and whoever else wants to come.  Again, this would be a get aquainted time.

Long about May, I’m going to start taking classes at LIT.  They have a homeland security / emergancy management program there.  I’ll take some of those.  I feel that one area the county government should shine is emergancy mangement.

I’ll start talking to various people about thigns we can do at Ford Park to improve the advertising, sports, and general operations there.

Spring will see me throwing some block parties.  I’ll get out with a bar-B-que pit and set-up in a neighborhood to just meet and greet everyone.  Answer and ask questions.

By June or so, I would like to have met with the Texas Department of Transportation on getting the highway 87 project started.

We’ll also have to start work on Keith Lake Park.  That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now.

During all this, I’m going to have a long sit down with the county budget and see where exactly all this money is going and what we can do to A) improve service for that budget or B) reduce the budget and keep services at the same level.

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Campaign Plans

Those of you who are regular reads (I hope there are a few), the campaign is beginning.  Anyone who is interested in helping out, should contact me.  I need volunteers for everything from putting up doorhangers (once it gets cooler) to just finding a home for a yard sign.

I’d also like some people to host small get togethers in their homes.  Them, their family and friends, interested parties, and me… just to discuss issues, suggestions, and whatever else is on your mind.

Remember, I can’t beat Singeal without support and not just voting.  If that’s all you can manage I’ll accept it with gladness in my heart.  If you can help out more, that would be great.

Walkabouts and promotional campaign material will start going up in September and early October depending on my finances.  Meet and greets, I’m available almost anytime.  I will take a few days vaction in mid-August, but that’s about it.

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General Comments and New Stuff

I’ve been busy.  Apologies for the delay in posting.

First up, a comment on this KJAC news article (  I guess there’s nothing ethically wrong with working for the guy you would like to replace.  I mean, Alma Cantu ran for his seat.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to work there prior to being elected.  I have nothing against Mr. Hallmark or his staff.  I think that being an executive assistant to Mr. Hallmark before he leaves, would cause one to begin to think like him.  That may not be a bad thing, but I think it’s time for a different attitude about county affairs.

There is some question in my mind about how he got the job in the first place.  Did he apply and was he the best candidate for the job or was it ‘given’ to him because of his campaign and political affiliation?

Next up, my comments about the Veolia project (from this  I just want to reiterate that I think importing these chemicals to be destroyed in our local facility is a good thing.  It keeps people here working.  It keeps truck drivers working.  It keeps everyone they spend money on working.  The Southeast Texas economy is in better shape than most of the rest of the country.  Let’s keep it that way.

For the environmentalists who don’t want the chemicals here.  First let me remind you that I have a Bachelor of Science degree in actual science.  I’ve taught Chemistry and Biology.  I’m even qualified to teach Advanced Placement Environmental Science, so I know a little bit about how this works.

First PCBs are very dangerous, that’s true.  So it makes sense to me to allow the closest company to Mexico that is EPA certified to deal with PCBs the job of destroying them.  Transportation of toxic chemicals should be something we’re all used to.  Jefferson County is about to have the largest refinery in the US.  Let’s face it, we’re a chemical and hydrocarbon refinery area.  That’s what Port Arthur and Beaumont are built around.

Finally, I’m beginning to print materials for campaigning.  If anyone would like a yard sign or is willing to help me by distributing information in your neighborhood, please let me know.  That way I’ll have a good idea of how many to order.  If anyone is willing to give me a hand designing these things, that would be great too.



Click to access pcb.pdf

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Sorry, I haven’t been posting in a while.  I’ve been putting up a wood fence and doing yardwork.

It’s pretty neat to watch what’s going on in the Democrat runoff.  I’m looking forward to the main event.

For those that are interested I have a few ideas to spread the word about my campaign.

First, I plan on being at the monthly meeting for Jefferson County Libertarians each month.  We meet on the second Tuesday at Sertinos Cafe in the Best Buy shopping center in Beaumont. They have some pretty good food and an ice cream bar, which I have been strenuously avoiding.  If you have some time and questions about me and/or the Libertarian Party, then come out and say hi.

Second, starting when I get the fence and yardwork finished (say in May), I plan on spending Saturday Lunches at a variety of places around town.  I’ll post where I plan on being a week or two in advance and try to get it in the newspapers and various community calendars.  I’ll eat and hang out for a few hours.  If the location allows it, I’ll have some Libertarian materials and such.  I hope that some of my many reader come introduce themselves (even if you aren’t in Precinct 3).

Third, if anyone would be interested in hosting a coffee or something, then let me know.  I can bring some homemade goodies and be willing to discuss anything you like in a small (or large) group.

Finally, I’m hoping that the PA News will host a debate between myself and the Democratic candidate.  Not just the bio that they did before, but an actual debate.  Alternately, a question/answer column with you guys asking the questions and us answering the questions.  That might even be better.  You know what you want.

This summer, I’ll be visiting some areas of the precinct and talking with everyone I can.

I want to know what your concerns are, what you think is wrong, what needs to be fixed and any ideas you have that could help.

It’s time to get serious.   You have a choice between me and another Democrat.  I can’t promise I’ll do everything right, but I can promise that I will try to lower taxes, reduce the county budget, and fix Ford Park… not to mention getting some common sense into the government.

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Libertarian County Meeting

Tonight (Tuesday the 11th), there will be a Libertarian meeting at Sertinos Cafe in the Best Buy shopping center in Beaumont. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM.

We have a new county chairman. I will be there.

If you have any questions for me, about the Liberty Party, or what’s going on, stop by and say hi.

For more information, you can contact Dean Tucker 409 626-4691

I hope to see you there.

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Thurman Bartie’s Position and Kevin McCarthy’s Responses

I just can’t help myself.  I have to comment on this from Bartie’s website.  My comments in red… and yes, I’m being kind of snippy here, deal with it.

1.  Roads & Bridges
Bartie will maintain the roads and bridges of Precinct 3 and appropriate wisely the statutory fund dedicated to this cause.
 It’s good to know that you would do the job that is expected of you.
2. Public Works
Bartie will properly maintain ditches and waterways within precinct 3. Will approach the need of services in rural areas according to availability.
It’s good to know that you will maintain ditches, though I really don’t ever expect to see you with a shovel.  Rural areas are a part of the county.  If you don’t do jobs in the rural areas at the same priority as jobs within PA City Limits, then you are putting the needs of one area above the needs of another area and that’s not right.
3. Tax Rate
Bartie will maintain the tax rate and strengthen the economic growth and development.
This one ticks me off.  Don’t maintain the tax rate… LOWER IT.  Here’s what I want to accomplish if I’m elected.  One, reduce all department budgets by 5%.  Two remove the $25 million emergency fund portion of the taxes.  We haven’t used it right?  No emergencies right?  With those two things, the tax PAYMENTS should be lower.  If the county raises property values again, then the tax RATE should be waaaay lower.
4. Park System
Bartie will maintain  the park system within the precinct (Umphrey State Park, Keith Lake Park, work to reopen Sea Rim State Park).
Do you know what “State Park” means.  That means that the state is responsible for it.  Quit trying to make us pay for other things.  BTW: You can scratch Sea Rim off the list.  Texas has the money to fix it now.
5. Coastal Erosion
Bartie will further study coastal erosion and seek a cost effective method for eradication.
Coastal erosion is a fact of life along the Texas coast.  You can’t stop it.  You can do some short-sighted things to limit erosion in one area, but it always causes more problems in other areas and more long-term problems.  Don’t ask an environmental company, ask a couple of scientists at Lamar or A&M Galveston whose life is studying the Texas coast.  They’ll tell you the same thing.
6. Employment
Bartie will work closely with industry and the Texas Workforce Commission to assist South and Southwest County residents with gainful employment.
There are lots and lots of available jobs right now.  OK, the jobs aren’t making $20/hr at a refinery, but they are jobs.
7. Public Health & Welfare
Bartie will further support the County Health Care system; Indigent Care and  Veteran Benefits
Aren’t Veterans Federal?
8. Intergovernmental Relations
Bartie will work with all governmental agencies from Sabine Pass, Fannett, to Port Arthur for a better quality of life for all citizens.
Something I can agree with.
Bartie will work with both the U.S. Congressional and Texas Legislative Representatives to rebuild Hwy 87.
 WHY!?!?  Highway 87 is dead, just let it go people.  Please.  (See Coastal Erosion)  I would rather see some efforts spent towards the HWY 69/ 365 area to improve that (I know it’s in progress) and 365 between 69 and West Port Arthur Road improved.  The intersection there needs some work too.  

Bartie will  work in harmony  with all City Officials, County Officials and Regional Officials for a more effective government. I’m not so sure about this one.  Can you work in harmony, Bartie?  It seems to me you’ve had issues with working with people in the past.

Bartie doesn’t mention one of the 3 fundamental jobs of a county commissioner and it’s one that he should be well aware of… that is maintaining the county courthouse and courts.

I really think that Bartie will get the Democrat nomination.  But he has the same problem that a lot (all?) of the other candidates have, except me.  He wants to push for more government doing more things at a huge cost.

I’m the only candidate who WILL NOT agree to a budget increase.  In fact, the proposal I outlined above for the next county budget cycle is the minimum that I will vote to accept.  Will I win, probably not, but I will fight for it.  If I fight for it this year, then the other precincts can elect others who will fight for lower taxes as well.

P.S. I will allow one exception on the department cuts.  Mosquito control gets one year without a cut, since they have had budget cuts recently.

P.P.S. I think I did pretty good and didn’t bring up any of the major problems with Bartie at all.  This is all (well, almost all) based on his position.

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Jefferson County Primary Results

So, for precinct 3 it’s a runoff between Mike Sinegal and Thurman Bartie.  Are you kidding me?

I can understand Mike, he seems to be popular in Port Arthur.  But Bartie??!??!?!?!

I would like to run against Sinegal.  I think we would have a good competition.  I would really like to run against Bartie, a defrocked judge with anger management issues.  If he somehow gets the spot, then I’m leaving.  I will now that Jefferson County can’t be saved and it’s merely a playground for those who want power and money and I’m gone.

Let’s go for the runoff.

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The Politics of Change

Everyone wants change in politics.  Yet few are willing to vote for anyone who really will change politics.

The Democrats and the Republicans are to entrenched in the system.  Everyone seems to think that the president can change the system.  He/she can’t without congress.

Instead vote for a real agent of change… Libertarians.  We have plans that actually work and cost less than the Democrats and the Republicans.

Try it out.

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Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity is a group dedicated to keeping government spending reasonable.  “According to Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Paul Bettencourt local governments increased their property tax levies in excess of 71.5% between 1996 and 2003. During that period, the state’s population and inflation grew only 16%.” **

We know exactly how that is.  Paid taxes (not tax rate, two different things remember) have almost doubled in three years.  Thats a 25% increase PER YEAR for Jefferson County tax payers.

The AFP  has a Candidate Pledge that can voluntarily be signed.  It states in part:

  1. Annual state spending increases should be limited to the rate of state population growth.
  2. Excess revenues should be put into emergency funds and returned to the tax payers.  (Here’s the hint County Court; you shouldn’t budget a 25 million dollar emergency fund.)
  3. Tax and spending increases should be approved by popular vote.

As a Libertarian, I wholeheartedly support each one of those goals, as well as additional goals regarding government spending.  I have signed and mailed in my copy of the Candidate Pledge.

Here’s a another great chance for you Jefferson County.  If you like giving your money away, then don’t worry about it.  If you are concerened about unrestrained government spending, then encourage your incumbents and candidates to sign.

In a time where businesses are cutting way back, the only industry that is actively increasing spending is the government.  It’s up to you to stop them.  Vote for people on this list (at the bottom of the page).   They have signed this pledge.  If they don’t do what it says, then call them a liar to their face and never vote for them again.

BTW: As of this writing (2-24-08) the only local office holder or candidate to sign this is Mike Hamilton.  Good for you.  I’ll be watching.

** From the AFP website, ;2-24-08

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