Kevin R. McCarthy for Jefferson County Commissioner


Greetings. My name is Kevin McCarthy and I am running for the office of County Commissioner (Precinct 3) in Jefferson County, Texas.


I have been in education most of my adult life. I started working as a student assistant at Lamar University in 1991. I moved to to Bryan and worked for Blinn College as a graduation coordinator. I returned to Port Arthur after a few years because I missed Southeast Texas. I grew up here and I love it here.

I started work at Lamar State College Port Arthur as an adviser, helping students decide what to take and what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives. I enjoyed the work a great deal. I was asked to accept a promotion to Assistant Registrar, which I took. Again, I enjoyed the work. Unfortunately, the working environment wasn’t so great and eventually I quit for health reasons.

Since then, I have become a high school science teacher. First at Memorial High School in Port Arthur, then at Sabine Pass School , where I am now.

Why Am I Running for Office?

I had never been interested in politics until after I bought my home. I live in Port Arthur (near Tyrrell Elementary in Griffin Park) and started watching the news for the first time in my life. After several years, what was going on in our county offices really began to bother me.

I think what really set me on this path was Ford Park. Here’s a multi-million dollar entertainment facility that only five people in Jefferson County decided that we needed and started building… yet we’re paying for it. And we’re not paying for it once, but every year, we have to contribute millions to keep the place running.

This year, our county commissioners requested an 18% pay raise. Guess who gets to decide if they get the raise… they do. Our county budget has almost doubled in three years. And we haven’t gotten to say a single thing about it.

That is called Taxation Without Representation and wars have been started for it.

So I decided I should try to do something about it. About the same time that I discovered that The Precinct 3 slot would be open in 2008, I also discovered the Libertarian Party. I took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and much to my surprise (but no one else’s), I was a Libertarian. See my Libertarian Platform page for more information on them.

So here I am today preparing for a serious campaign against six people with money (see this article for why I don’t have a campaign budget). If nothing else, then maybe I can get some media attention on the areas where I feel the current county commissioners have failed us, the people of Jefferson County.

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